Spreading the Word on Brain-Based Learning with Dr. Marcia Tate
Feb 29, 2024

Spreading the Word on Brain-Based Learning with Dr. Marcia Tate


Episode Notes

If you’re a teacher, you’re a dendrite grower, according to today’s guest Dr. Marcia Tate. Growing dendrites is a piece of brain science Dr. Tate shares in many of her books and workshops to help educators understand the context of brain-based teaching and learning.

Dr. Tate talks with 3Ps host Josh about how, after years working as a teacher and an administrator, she learned about the brain science behind teaching and wanted to share that understanding with others. She has now been in education 49 years and has taught about half of million people as an educational consultant.

Along with other tips and snippets about brain-based teaching, Dr. Tate shares a few of her favorite strategies, including incorporating movement and music, into the classroom.

Josh also invites Dr. Tate to share about her most recent book, Happy Teachers, Happy Classrooms, which she wrote during the COVID-19 pandemic. This book addresses how to avoid burnout and increase teacher health and wellness.

Dr. Tate has been facilitating the Arizona K12 Center’s events for beginning teachers through this school year and will also be the lead facilitator at this summer’s Beginning Teacher Institute. Learn more about the 4th Annual Beginning Teacher Institute: Great Minds Don’t Think Alike at azk12.org/BTI24.

Learn more about Dr. Marcia Tate’s work at developingmindsinc.com.

Learn more about the Arizona K12 Center at azk12.org.

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