Inspiring Arizona’s Children Since 2000

The Arizona K12 Center was founded in 1999 and rooted in the belief that when teachers learn…kids learn. We have a rich history supporting teachers throughout Arizona through innovative and relevant learning opportunities. Our work is grounded in proven practices that work. Whether it is the relationships one has in the classroom and with teachers or the those we have with partners and policymakers, we exist solely to support Arizona’s teachers to improved practice.


When teachers learn…kids learn; when teachers lead…kids lead; and when teachers are inspired…Arizona’s kids are inspired.



October 2021

The Arizona Teacher Residency is launched!

The Arizona Department of Education awards the Arizona K12 Center $5 million to create the Arizona Teacher Residency in response to the state's teacher shortage and high teacher turnover rate.

July 2021

Instructional Mentoring Partnerships Begin Throughout Arizona

The Arizona K12 Center begins a 2-year induction and mentoring partnership with 26 school districts throughout Arizona.

April 2021

Support for more new teachers!

The Arizona K12 Center receives $2.5 million from the Arizona Department of Education to expand reach and support for new teachers across the state with comprehensive induction and mentoring.

June 2020

Arizona's Induction Program Standards are released

Working with stakeholders across the state and partnering with the Arizona Department of Education, the Arizona K12 Center releases Arizona’s Induction Program Standards.

July 2019

National Board reaches new heights!

Awarded $500,000 to administer the Arizona Teachers Academy National Board Scholarship Program. As a result, we will be able to support 200 more teachers seeking National Board Certification on an annual basis.

July 2019

The Arizona K12 Center Celebrates 20 Years of Supporting Arizona’s Teachers!

The Arizona K12 Center released a new promo video, Going Places, continuing to spotlight Michaela’s journey.

May 2019

Arizona Teachers Academy

To support graduates from the Arizona Teachers Academy, the Arizona K12 Center provides mentoring and induction support services to NAU College of Education graduates.


November 2018

Arizona K12 Center is on the Move

To better meet the needs of our clients the Arizona K12 Center expands into the current space.

April 2018

Teachers Take Center Stage wins!

Teachers Take Center Stage wins the 2018 Gold ADDY in the category of Film, Video, & Sound – Public Service Campaign.


February 2018

Top 100 Blog

Stories from School AZ recognized as one of the Top 100 blogs by Feedspot.


December 2017

The Arizona K12 Center is at Learning Forward

The Professional Learning Plans are showcased at Learning Forward’s annual conference through breakout sessions and a trade show booth.

November 2017

3Ps in a Pod Launched

The Arizona K12 Center’s podcast, 3Ps in a Pod, is launched and can be found on iTunes, Spotify, GooglePlay, and Stitcher! This podcast is designed to share the expertise of local and national leaders around practice, policy, and passion.

September 2017

Professional Learning Plan Takes Center Stage

The Arizona K12 Center creates a series of videos promoting the use of the Professional Learning Plan while highlighting the challenges facing teachers and schools.

April 2017

TELL Survey Launched

In partnership with the Arizona Education Association, Arizona School Boards Association, and the Arizona School Administrators Association, the Arizona K12 Center administers the TELL Survey to better understand the working and learning conditions in Arizona’s schools.


February 2017

Revised Professional Learning Plan Launched

The Arizona K12 Center launches training for teacher leaders on its newly revised Professional Learning Plan (PLP) with the hope that they will facilitate its use and implementation in school settings.

January 2017

Hope Street Group Fellowship Program Launched

The Center partners with Hope Street Group and identifies 27 Arizona teacher leaders to serve as Arizona Hope Street Fellows.


June 2016

The Center Elevates the Voices of Arizona’s Teachers

The Center expands its role in elevating the voices of Arizona’s teacher leaders through its teacher leadership report and video shorts.

November 2016

$1.3M Awarded to Support District Level Systems

The Arizona K12 Center is awarded $1.3M from the National Board for Professional Teaching Standards to create district level support systems for teachers seeking National Board Certification.


September 2016

Arizona New Teacher Induction Network is Formed

The Arizona K12 Center launches the Arizona New Teacher Induction Network (AZ NTIN). AZ NTIN membership is comprised of school and district leaders throughout the state looking at the best ways to support beginning teachers in their districts.


September 2015

$30,000 Awarded by the Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation

The Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation awards the Center another $30,000 to host a second regional ECET2 event.

August 2015

Standards Guide for Reflective Teaching Practice

Arizona K12 Center develops the Standards Continuum Guide for Reflective Teaching Practice that brings to focus what the Arizona’s Professional Teaching Standards look like in the classroom.

May 2014

Secretary of Education Arne Duncan Visits

The Arizona K12 Center hosts Secretary of Education, Arne Duncan, for a round table discussion on leadership in our schools.


October 2014

$30,000 Awarded to Elevate Voices of Arizona Teachers

The Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation awards the Center $30,000 to host a regional ECET2 event designed to elevate the voices of teacher leaders throughout Arizona.

September 2014

$1.5 Awarded to Increase Numbers of NBCTs in Arizona

The Arizona K12 Center is awarded $1.5M from the National Board for Professional Teaching Standards to increase the number of NBCTs and leadership roles for Board-certified teachers.

July 2014

15 Years Old

The Arizona K12 Center released a new promo video, Simply the Best, following the Michaela’s school journey.

January 2014

Celebrating Teachers at #AZTEACH365

The Arizona K12 Center launches #azteach365 on Instagram.


August 2013

103rd Arizona Town Hall Report – Early Childhood Education

The Arizona K12 Center is charged with editing the 103rd Arizona Town Hall Report, Strong Start – Early Education in Arizona.

September 2013

Ed Week…Every Week!

In partnership with the National Board for Professional Teaching Standards and the national publication, Education Week, the Center launches Ed Week, Every Week, an online chat focusing on the national education issues.

April 2012

We’re an Emmy Winner!

Mitchell 20 wins a Rocky Mountain Emmy for Best Topical Documentary.

September 2011

Arizona Teacher Solutions Team

In partnership with the Center for Teaching Quality (CTQ), the Arizona K12 Center launches the Arizona Teacher Solutions Team which is comprised of teacher leaders throughout the state of Arizona who are seeking solutions to problems that challenge us all.

August 2011

Lesson2Life Commences

PASS is rebranded as Lesson2Life, a program that allows teachers to see firsthand the skills needed in the workplace.

October 2011

Mitchell 20 Premieres in Phoenix

A documentary produced in partnership with Randy Murray Productions, Mitchell 20 reveals the unique passion of a group of teachers, in an inner-city school, determined to take charge of their own professional development and working as a cohort, in their pursuit of National Board Certification.

July 2011

The PLC Becomes a Learning Home for AZ Teachers

The Center’s Professional Learning Center (PLC) in Suite 150 opens for business. This additional space provides the Center the opportunity to train teachers on the premises.

September 2010

Stories from School AZ…the intersection of policy and practice

To elevate the voices of Arizona’s teachers, Stories from School AZ in partnership with the Center for Strengthening the Teaching Profession (CSTP).

August 2010

TIM Arrives

In partnership with the Arizona Department of Education and the Pima County School Superintendent’s Office, the Arizona K12 Center developed the Arizona Technology Integration Matrix (TIM), a resource tool that shares ways teachers can integrate the use of technology into the curriculum. The TIM has been used worldwide and translated into five different languages.

April 2009

Mitchell 20 Begins Production

In partnership with Randy Murray Productions, the Arizona K12 Center follows the 20 teachers from Mitchell Elementary School as they pursue National Board Certification. Check out the trailer


April 2008

Celebrating Accomplished Teaching in Arizona

The Arizona K12 Center honors Arizona’s newest and renewed National Board Certified Teachers and Master Teachers at its first Celebration of Accomplished Teaching.

October 2008

We’re on iTunes!

Arizona K12 Center launches its first podcast on iTunes.

February 2008

IPDP Published!

The Center publishes the Individual Professional Development Plan Workbook…affectionately called the IPDP.

October 2007

Our Website… Takes a Space on the World Wide Web

Our website is launched and a monthly newsletter begins.

September 2007

Our First Publication…Standards Continuum Guide

Standards for Professional Excellence and Continuum Guide for Teacher Development are published.

August 2007

PASS Finds a New Home

Through partnerships with APS, Motorola, General Dynamics, and Communities in Schools, Partners Advancing Student Success (PASS) finds a new home at the Arizona K12 Center.

July 2007

Arizona’s Master Teacher Program Expands

The Arizona K12 Center is awarded an additional $2M to expand Arizona’s Master Teacher Program.

March 2007

A New Home

To better meet the needs of all Arizona educators, the Arizona K12 Center moves to Space 99.

November 2006

First Master Teachers Recognized

Arizona’s first Master Teachers are identified and recognized.

September 2006

Support for Teachers Seeking National Board Certification

Support commences for teachers throughout Arizona seeking National Board Certification.

July 2006

The Arizona Master Teacher Program Begins

The Arizona K12 Center is awarded $1M to support and train Arizona’s Master Teachers.

April 2006

We Have a New Look!

Vision • Learning • Leadership • Technology become the four tenets that frame the work of the Center. The Arizona K12 Center unveils its new logo…a logo designed to focus on collaboration.

July 2006

New Programs Take Root

Mentor Academies and Forums, Teacher Leadership Institute, and Camp Plug and Play are launched

November 2005

Arizona Master Teacher Program Begins

The Center is awarded $665,000 to begin implementation of the Arizona Master Teacher Program.

September 2005

Partnership with the Arizona Department of Education

The Center began partnering with the Arizona Department of Education to provide Structure English Immersion Institutes.

July 2005

Center Becomes a Direct Provider of Professional Development

The Arizona K12 Center changed its business model and became a direct provider of professional development for teachers throughout the state of Arizona.

November 2004

Arizona K12 Center Joined AzTEP

US Dept of Education Teacher Quality Enhancement Grant awarded to the Governor’s Office to support and retain teachers in Native American communities. The Arizona Teacher Excellence Project (AzTEP) was launched and the Arizona K12 Center became a partner in this grant.

October 2004

$730,000 Grant Awarded for Structure English Immersion Training

The US Department of Education awards the Arizona K12 Center a $730,000 grant to support training teachers in Structured English Immersion.


November 2003

Conversations Begin Around the Master Teacher Program

Conversations begin between the Governor’s Office and the Arizona K12 Center around the development of a Master Teacher Program

July 2002

Character Education Grants

The Center begins administering Character Education Program on behalf of the Arizona Department of Education.

November 2001

$2.7M Grant Awarded for Leadership in Technology Institutes

Arizona K12 Center awarded a $2.7M from the Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation for Leadership in Technology Institutes.

July 2000

Administration of Professional Development Grants Begin

The Arizona 12 Center begins funding professional development grants to schools throughout Arizona.

July 1, 1999

A Vision Established

In her 1999 State of the State address, Governor Jane Dee Hull called for the creation of the Arizona K12 Center that would support teacher professional development so that teachers, in turn, could enhance their students' learning.


Arizona K12 Center


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