Empowering teachers by supporting their learning

Support a teacher's growth by donating to the Arizona K12 Center’s Professional Learning Support Fund.

At the Arizona K12 Center, we provide high quality professional learning opportunities and support, available to all Arizona teachers. We work to offer our programs and services at a minimal cost and have begun the Professional Learning Support Fund to provide further funding assistance to teachers who otherwise may not be able to experience these learning opportunities.

Applications for support funding will re-open when funding is available.

Gifts of any size are appreciated. A typical Arizona K12 Center event is about $25 per instructional hour, and a one-day event usually includes six instructional hours.

Your generous donation will go directly to helping fund teachers in their professional learning journey, in turn, benefiting Arizona’s students.

Every donation, no matter the amount, helps more Arizona teachers expand their learning, enhance their leadership, and further inspire their students. Read more about the Arizona K12 Center’s expansive support for Arizona’s teachers in Building a Profession.

"Whether it be joining the TeacherSolutions Team® or starting the National Board Certification process, or the professional learning events I’ve attended with the Center, all of it has just made me more confident in whatever I do. The Arizona K12 Center has helped me be confident in my voice and be confident in my teaching."
Kareem Neal, Phoenix Union

Arizona K12 Center


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