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The Arizona K12 Center improves teaching and learning through high-quality professional development. The organization is a one-of-a-kind hub that supports educators along the teaching continuum. For 20 years, the Center has focused on enhancing leadership, expanding learning, and unveiling inspiration for Arizona’s teachers, impacting countless students across the state. Connect with staff and friends of the Center to make your mark on Arizona’s students of today, the leaders of tomorrow.

Arizona Teacher Residency

The Arizona K12 Center is thrilled to announce the creation of the Arizona Teacher Residency, a first-of-its-kind graduate program in Arizona modeled after medical residencies, to help recruit, prepare, support, and retain K-12 teachers. The two-year program provides aspiring teachers with in-classroom experience, cost-of-living stipends, a master’s degree, and a job at a partnering school district. Click here to learn more about this opportunity.


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"One person’s pursuit of excellence raises the standards and performance of everyone around them. A teacher has the potential to change a student’s trajectory, a class culture, a school’s ethos, a district’s vision, a nation’s future."

Christie Olsen, NBCT
Lake Havasu Unified School District

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How can the Arizona K12 Center support you?

Regardless of where you are along the continuum of practice, the Center can provide you with unparalleled professional learning opportunities and support. Whether you’re looking for content-specific training, technology integration assistance, mentoring and induction support, a partner in the National Board Certification process, or opportunities for teacher leadership, there’s a place for you in one (or many) of the Center’s offerings. We look forward to supporting you to be your best, so that kids can be their best.

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