AI in Education, Part 3: Best Practices for Teaching and Learning
Apr 25, 2024

AI in Education, Part 3: Best Practices for Teaching and Learning


Episode Notes

Ready to see how AI can improve your work and impact student learning? In this third part of our series on AI in Education, we’ll dive into some AI tools you might consider trying in your teaching.

In our last two episodes, we explored a bit of history of artificial intelligence and contemplated if using AI is cheating. Today, we look at what we can actually do with AI.

Guest host Dr. Chad Gestson focuses on the heart of teaching and learning. He and Dr. LeeAnn Lindsey chat with Dr. Michele Wilson and Alec McDaniel about best practices for using AI to impact student learning. Dr. Wilson spent 38 years working within education systems and is now an education consultant. Alec is an educational technology specialist in Florence Unified School District.

They both share about what makes them excited about AI and talk about what “good use” of AI in the classroom looks like before they explore several of the tools they encourage educators to check out and consider how they might support their work. They also discuss the International Society for Technology in Education (ISTE) and Arizona Technology in Education Association (AZTEA) as great resources to learn more about using AI.

Here are links to the tools and resources referenced in this episode:

Learn more about the Arizona K12 Center at

Arizona K12 Center


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