National Board Pulse on Education with NBPTS CEO Peggy Brookins
Apr 4, 2024

National Board Pulse on Education with NBPTS CEO Peggy Brookins


Episode Notes

It’s been an exciting last few months for the National Board for Professional Teaching Standards. Today, 3Ps in a Pod host Juliana Urtubey talks with CEO Peggy Brookins about recent National Board news and conversations.


Peggy shares about the vision and work of the National Board for Professional Teaching Standards and the benefits of National Board Certification for educators and their students. She also reflects on how both the U.S. House of Representatives and Senate introduced resolutions in January 2024 that recognize “the importance and contributions of National Board Certified Teachers” (NBCTs) and reflects.


More than 3,500 educators certified as NBCTs in December 2023, more than 700 than the previous year. Peggy talks about some of the dynamics that have led to that increase, including expanding the process to newer teachers and incentives at the state and district levels.


Peggy also talks about the need to better retain quality teachers and how National Board Certification can be a part of addressing that need. She speaks to how networks of NBCTs across the country are helping both advance National Board Certification and also lead in addressing the current challenges in education.


In this episode, Peggy references the Learning Policy Institute’s research and tool that calculates the cost of teacher turnover in a school or district.


If you’re interested in starting your National Board Certification journey, visit

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