Understanding Reflective Practice with Dr. Kevin Roessger
Feb 15, 2024

Understanding Reflective Practice with Dr. Kevin Roessger


Episode Notes

Here at the Arizona K12 Center, we’re big proponents of reflecting on your practice. But what does it mean to be a reflective practitioner and how do we use that reflection to not be the end goal but a tool to generate change in ourselves and our learners?

Dr. Kevin Roessger, associate professor of adult and lifelong learning at the University of Arkansas, has focused his work in quantitative research methodologies and adult learning theory. In this episode, he talks with host Paula about what led to this interest and the research he has done in critical reflection or reflective practice.

Dr. Roessger emphasizes how reflection is often thought of as the end goal when that is truly a tool in the process of continued growth. He shares about what reflection truly is – our “remembering self” retelling and framing the experiences of our “experiencing self.”

In this episode, Paula also references her conversations with The Learning Scientists in previous episodes of 3Ps in a Pod. Dr. Roessger also mentions a recently published article in the Adult Learning journal, “Assessment Strategies for Reflective Learning in the Workplace: A Pragmatic Approach.”

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