S9 Episode 1: Inclusion in School: A Look Inside Tempe Union, Part 1
Jan 14, 2021

S9 Episode 1: Inclusion in School: A Look Inside Tempe Union, Part 1


Episode Notes

We’re starting off our ninth season of 3Ps in a Pod with two episodes focused on discussions of race and inclusion in schools. We’ve partnered with Tempe Union High School District’s superintendent, teachers, and students to highlight the conversations happening in their community.

In this episode, hosts Angelia, Kathleen, and Mary talk with Tempe Union Superintendent Dr. Kevin Mendivil about the breadth and diversity of the district and his excitement for the work Tempe Union has done and continues to do.

The hosts then welcome four Tempe Union high school students to the podcast. The student panel discusses their involvement in race and inclusion discussions at their schools, why talking about race can feel so uncomfortable, and ways they think teachers and other school staff can help provide the best space for all students to realize academic achievement and social-emotional well-being.

You can use the reflection guide linked here to help process the discussions in this week’s episode. 

Be sure to subscribe to 3Ps in a Pod to listen to next week’s episode when we continue this discussion with Tempe Union High School District teachers.

Learn more about the Arizona K12 Center at azk12.org.

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