A Deep Love for Public Education with Kim Graham
Feb 22, 2024

A Deep Love for Public Education with Kim Graham


Episode Notes

You may know the Arizona Educational Foundation or AEF as the home of the Arizona Teacher of the Year program and the Arizona State Spelling Bee. In this episode, you’ll hear from Kim Graham, CEO of AEF, about the work of the Foundation and how she approaches her work leading these efforts.

Kim shares how she moved from studying theater to teaching high school English to working in arts education to leading the Arizona Educational Foundation. She shares with Daniela about the specific programs AEF hosts but also the intention behind all of that work. Kim explains how AEF’s offerings “primarily provide a stepping stone toward excellence for educators, administrators, and students. Or, they shine a spotlight on the great work being done in schools or by educators and administrators.”

On a more personal level, Kim shares about what brings her joy through her work with AEF and how she attempts to recharge to be able to continue the work of the Foundation.


Learn more and follow AEF’s work with these links:

Learn more about the Arizona K12 Center at azk12.org.

Arizona K12 Center


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