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S8 Episode 1: New Normal for a New Year?

Teachers and students alike are returning to the classroom carrying a variety of emotions. In thi...

S5 Episode 3: Where School Safety Policy and Practice Collide (Part 2)

Elama Dzanic joins Angelia and Mary to continue the conversation around school safety. Elma champ...

S5 Episode 2: Where School Safety Policy and Practice Collide (Part 1)

Mary Field and guest host, Elma Dzanic, discuss the topic of school safety with Dr. Carl Hermanns...

S1 Episode 6: Restorative Justice Transforming our Schools

Thanks for joining us for the bonus episode of our first season. We’re thrilled to have Elma Dzan...


3Ps Hosts Play Favorites

With two, full seasons of “3Ps in a Pod” complete, the hosts of the education podcast share their favorite episodes and why. If you haven’t heard, we joined the podcast party. The widespread way to pass time has enabled us to take professional development to a whole new level. To support educators

Make Up Work: 7 Conversations to Start Your New Year Strong

Maybe you missed an episode or two, or maybe you’re just late to the game entirely. Whatever your story, it’s time to catch up on “3Ps in a Pod” before season two goes live.

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