S1 Episode 6: Restorative Justice Transforming our Schools
Dec 17, 2017

S1 Episode 6: Restorative Justice Transforming our Schools


Episode Notes

Thanks for joining us for the bonus episode of our first season. We’re thrilled to have Elma Dzanic in the “3Ps in a Pod” studio to discuss restorative justice practices in the Phoenix Union High School District. We first explored this subject during episode two with Dr. Dominique Smith. We were left more than intrigued and knew there was someone who could help us dive even deeper. As an alumna of her district, Dzanic brings a unique perspective — she came to the United States as a 12-year-old refugee from Bosnia during a time when the Phoenix community was “broken and fragmented.” She’s been a longtime champion of restorative justice, which she uses daily, as she coordinates student interventions and clinical services to support inclusive social, emotional, and behavioral health. A mantra for her work in supporting educators is, “You can’t restore unless you have something to restore back to.” Ultimately, she shares to effectively utilize restorative practices in schools, there must be a solid foundation of educator-student relationships. Tune in Thursday for the season one finale when we discuss educator self-care with Marian Mellen. 

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