Small Group Meeting Cohorts

While the process of National Board Certification requires the teacher to submit their own portfolio and assessment of their own work, the journey of National Board Certification is a collaborative one. At the beginning of a candidate’s journey towards National Board Certification, they are assigned to a small group cohort to receive customized support.

These cohorts are typically based on location of the school district where the candidate works. We also have an online cohort for those teachers working in rural communities. Cohorts meet face-to-face and/or online with a Candidate Support Provider at least once a month for two hours. The dates and times of the meetings are set by the individual Candidate Support Providers. Candidate Support Providers receive extensive training from the Arizona K12 Center and are knowledgeable in coaching strategies and candidate support as well as in the process of National Board Certification and the necessary submission timelines.

These meetings provide a system of support that is readily available and grounded in the commonalities and student populations they work with on a daily basis. The success of these meetings is dependent upon the attendance and participation of all the cohort members. Participants are invited to share their portfolio components, videos, teaching artifacts, and student work samples in a safe environment. While these meetings meet a minimum of once a month, more often than not, the amount of time increases as the component submission and assessment center testing windows approach.

Participants are encouraged to make attendance of these meetings a priority, and participation in a small group cohort is a requirement for any individual receiving funding assistance from the Arizona K12 Center. To learn more about small group meetings, contact Donnie Dicus at