Mentor Forums

Mentor Forums

Mentor Forums provide a community enviornment for mentors that are a part of the Arizona K12's Arizona Teacher Program. Participants connect new learning opportunities, in addition to revisiting questions around the mentor learning cycle. These forums allow mentors the opportunity to enter into problem-solving dialogue so that they can best assist the newsest members of the profession.

Mentor Forums provide mentors with a venue to develop their skills and understanding of adult learning, which is a key component of professional development. They also provide a professional learning environment where mentors can reflect on their own practice with support from colleagues.

Each of the five Mentor Forums is uniquely designed and tailored to provide current research and relevant topics, which directly relate to the practice of mentoring.

Participants will:

  • Practice using the NTC Online Tools to support their mentoring practice.
  • Review and learn strategies to embed the InTASC standards into best practices.
  • Plan for data collection and goal setting  showing impact of mentoring.
  • Focus on mentoring for equity.
  • Role-play, while practicing mentoring language and skills to support the beginning teacher.

Additional Information

Registration includes training, lunch, and materials.

Please note: This training takes place during five, one-day sessions.



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