Fueled for Success: A Seminar for Aspiring Teachers (Online)

Fueled for Success: A Seminar for Aspiring Teachers (Online)
We are here to support you as you step into your own classroom for the first time as a professional educator! The Fueled for Success series is a great opportunity for Northern Arizona University students preparing to be teachers. Each of the four sessions are designed to support the transition between pre-service to practicing professional. Together, we will cover topics pertinent to the beginning of the school year and how to navigate your first teaching year experience.

Participants will:

  • Understand what to expect the first few weeks of school as well as tools and strategies to begin preparing now.
  • Gather tools to advocate for your professional development needs and how to identify them based on your student needs.
  • Develop knowledge of key best practices around cultivating a safe and supportive classroom environment

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