Celebrating 15 Years: Simply The Best

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The Arizona K12 Center at Northern Arizona University provides professional development in the areas of learning, leadership, and technology. The Center was founded in 1999 by Governor Jane Hull. She wanted a place dedicated to professional development for teachers. The children in our classrooms today and the ones to come tomorrow are the reason the Arizona K12 Center exists. Our goal is to provide quality professional learning opportunities for Arizona's K-12 teachers. Bottom line...when we support teachers, we are supporting Arizona's students and their families. The Arizona K12 Center has been supporting Arizona’s teachers for the past 15 years. We know that it is the teacher in the classroom that has the potential to make the greatest difference in the lives of Arizona’s students. It is our mission to support the teaching and learning in Arizona’s classroom because our students are “not getting any younger.”

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Arizona K12 Center


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