Builders Lab 360˚ with Robyn Jackson

Builders Lab 360˚ with Robyn Jackson

You’ve looked at the data and you know what your challenges are. You’re under a lot of pressure to make meaningful changes in your school. The problem is you’re so busy putting out fires that you can’t seem to get yourself focused or make meaningful progress towards your goals. You’re working hard, but you don’t have the results to show for it. When you come to Builder’s Lab 360˚,  you’ll get clear about the right direction for your school or district right now, know how to get all your systems and people working on the right things the right way, overcome resistance and toxicity in your culture, and finally feel that you are organized and have some control over your own day. Plus, when you sign up members of your leadership team with you, you can use the time to work together to start implementing what you learn right away.

Builder’s Lab 360˚   is an immersive learning experience designed for school and district leaders. Leaders will learn how to turn their school into a success story with the people and resources they already have.

Participants will

  • Build a vision and discover how to embed it in your culture.
  • Discover how to engage your staff in co-creating your mission and core values.
  • Learn to give teachers powerful feedback they will want to implement.
  • Learn to provide teachers with targeted support.
  • Create true accountability that keeps everyone focused on doing the right work the right way.

Additional Information

Registration includes breakfast, lunch, and breaks all three days, overnight lodging for May 31 and June 1, 2023, and all event materials.

The intended audience is K-12 administrators and principals.


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