Candidate Support Events

The Arizona K12 Center takes great pride in supporting teachers seeking National Board Certification. We provide the tools and resources to support a candidate on the journey towards Certification. While the work and effort belongs to the teacher, it is work that need not be done in isolation. Rather we provide numerous opportunities for teachers to work alongside others on the same journey. Below is a short summary of the different types of support we provide to interested teachers.


Pre-Candidacy Class

The decision to pursue National Board Certification needs to be an informed one. The Arizona K12 Center offers a Pre-Candidacy class that introduces participants to the National Board Standards and the process of National Board Certification. In this class, participants take stock of their own teaching practices and the results achieved in their classroom. This class is offered in a hybrid format that includes online and face-to-face methods. It is a prerequisite for teachers receiving a scholarship from Arizona’s Master Teacher Program through the Arizona K12 Center.

Pre-Candidacy classes provide an introduction to the National Board Standards and the process of National Board Certification. This course is for educators who are thinking about applying for National Board Certification, those who want to learn more about the National Board Certification process, or those who simply want to understand more about their teaching practice. These sessions will provide participants with a deeper understanding of the National Board Standards, the Five Core Propositions, and the NBPTS resources. By completing this class, participants receive 24 professional development hours. Through professional dialogue with colleagues and a personal analysis and reflection on work in the classroom, this professional development opportunity will prepare participants for taking on the rigorous, but rewarding process of pursuing National Board Certification.

National Board Summer Institute

This three-day institute is for teachers who are seeking National Board Certification. Working with our NBCT Faculty, participants delve deeply into the standards to gain a deeper understanding of the process while being provided the opportunity to work with other teachers pursuing the same certificate. Participants walk through the entries to plan and organize their portfolio while learning first-hand some of the pitfalls to avoid. Any person seeking National Board Certification should plan on attending this informative and engaging Institute. Attendance at the National Board Summer Institute is a requirement to be considered for a full scholarship from Arizona’s Master Teacher Program through the Arizona K12 Center.

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Ongoing Small Group Cohorts

Each candidate who decides to pursue certification is placed in a small group cohort with other teachers seeking National Board Certification. These cohorts are typically based on the location of the school district where the candidate works. Cohorts meet face-to-face and/or online with a Candidate Support Provider in their school district/regions at least once a month for two hours. The dates and times of the meetings are set by the individual Candidate Support Providers. While these meetings meet a minimum of once a month, more often than not, the amount of time increases as the portfolio submission and assessment center testing windows approach. To learn more about small group meetings, contact Alaina Adams at

National Board Coaching Saturdays

Using the Architecture of Accomplished Teaching and support from NBCTs in Arizona, Coaching Saturdays are designed to help guide teachers through their engagement with the National Board Certification Process. Offered in Phoenix, Tucson, and Flagstaff, Coaching Saturdays are dedicated times to get support from NBCTs trained in Cognitive Coaching as well as other candidates making this same journey. Purposefully left unstructured, Coaching Saturdays are designed to provide participants an atmosphere away from the distractions of home and school to work solo, one-on-one, and in small groups. Participants will have the opportunity to work in small groups with a facilitator as they coach candidates through the creation of their portfolio entries and assessment center preparation process. During our February and March events, video coaches and technology experts will also be on hand to help with video analysis and formatting needs. These days are designed to provide a supportive and engaging atmosphere where the participant will leave with a true sense of accomplishment.

National Board Workshop

The National Board Workshop is designed for teachers seeking National Board Certification who want to spend time with other candidates and trained coaches to received focused, extended guidance them through their portfolio entries. Candidates work in small groups with a trained facilitator who will coach them through their work for the different NBPTS components. To maximize this time, participants should bring all NBPTS documents and work they have started, including samples of student work and other artifacts that correspond with components they are working on. For those that are working on retake components from the 2013/2014 cycle of certification, we will have a team of video coaches and technical experts who can assist in the analysis of video footage and the creation/burning of DVDs to submit with their entries. The focused advanced-candidate can walk away with both DVDs burned and ready to submit.