FAQs for the Master Teacher Program

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What is a Master Teacher?

"A Master Teacher is an individual recognized for excellence in the classroom, including the ability to improve student achievement, the ability to mentor other teachers in achieving excellence in their classrooms, and the ability to communicate effectively with their community."

What are the qualifications of becoming a Master Teacher?

In order to apply for designation as a Master Teacher one must: 

  • Possess minimum of 3 years teaching experience.
  • Achieve National Board Certification or successfully complete components 2 or 3 with a score of 2.75 or higher.
  • Have a baccalaureate degree and be fully licensed in the subject or grade level currently teaching.
  • Must show evidence of meeting the Highly Qualified Criteria.
  • Possess positive teaching evaluations, with no formal plans of improvement related to their job performance anytime in the three years prior to application.

What are the benefits of becoming a Master Teacher?

Master Teachers are awarded certificates by the Arizona K12 Center and given the opportunity to participate in a variety of professional development as well as teacher leadership opportunities throughout the year. Master Teachers also serve as the core of the Master Teacher Program in selected districts throughout the state.

Do I have to be an Arizona resident to apply?

Yes, because this is a state-funded program, applicants must hold a current Provisional or Standard Arizona teaching certificate. They must be employed by an Arizona School District or Charter School. The three years of teaching experience does not have to be in Arizona.

How do I earn the designation of Master Teacher?

To earn the designation of Master Teacher, an applicant must earn a total weighted scaled score that equals or exceeds 3.0.

Is there a fee involved?

There is no fee involved with the application process, if you have achieved National Board Certification or successfully completed components 2 or 3 with a score of 2.75 or higher. There is a fee with the National Board Certification. Please click on http://www.boardcertifiedteachers.org/ for further information.

How do I apply?

Visit www.azk12.org.  Click on the Programs tab and download the Master Teacher Application.

What is involved in the Master Teacher application?

In this application process, you will be asked to provide evidence of your ability to demonstrate excellence in your teaching, mentoring or coaching practice. The Individual Professional Development Plan requires three types of information; documentation, evaluation, and reflection.

How long should I expect to spend on my application?

The application is designed to provide you an opportunity to plan, implement, and reflect on your practices over at least a 2-3 month time period. Through this application you should expect to engage in job embedded professional development that will enhance your work as a reflective and influential teacher, mentor, or coach that greatly impacts student achievement in Arizona schools.

Who do I contact for information regarding the application process?

Please contact info@azk12.org for questions regarding the application.

How will I receive my scores?

All application scores will be available no later than May 1.  The Score Report will outline the score on the IPDP component. A certificate of recognition by the Arizona K12 Center will be distributed at a formal ceremony in the spring semester following the application year. 

What is required if selected as a Master Teacher/Coach?

If you work in a district that has a Master Teacher agreement with the Arizona K12 Center you will:

  • Serve as a Master Teacher Mentor/Coach and provide defined mentoring/coaching for teachers at a site/district.
  • Participate in professional development for mentors/coaches for up to a three-year period.
  • Complete required data protocols each year.

What are the District/School requirements if selected to participate in the Master Teacher Mentor Program?

  • Seek to provide at least half-time release for Master Teacher Mentors/Coaches.
  • Demonstrate need and capacity to utilize Mentors/Coaches effectively.
  • Provide expenses reports for all necessary for training.
  • Provide stipends to designated Master Teachers who are serving as Mentors/Coaches.
  • Enroll Master Teachers in required training.

Who do I contact if my district is interested in participating in the Master Teacher Program?

Please contact info@azk12.org if your district is interested in applying for the Master Teacher Program.  They will need to complete an application outlining the District's interest and willingness to meet the requirements of participation.

Are professional development hours available for completing the Master Teacher application?

Yes, a professional development log is to be submitted with the application. You can log hours each time you visit your application. After you have submitted your application your Professional Development Certificate can be downloaded through your AzK12 account.