Arizona Master Teacher Eligibility

To apply for the designation of Master Teacher, a teacher must: 

  • Have a minimum of three years teaching experience.
  • Achieve National Board Certification or successfully complete Components 2 or 3 with a qualifying score of 2.75.
  • Have a baccalaureate degree and be fully licensed in the subject of grade level currently teaching.
  • Have positive teaching evaluations with no formal plans of improvement related to job performance anytime in the three years prior to application.

Arizona Master Teacher Program District Eligibility

The Arizona K12 Center awards financial assistance to districts to create and sustain a mentoring and induction program. This is a competitive process and applications will open in 2020. Districts that are selected enter into sub-contract agreements with the Arizona K12 Center and Northern Arizona University, annually, for up to three years. The Arizona K12 Center reserves the right to withdraw from an agreement if the awardee fails to meet the guidelines of the grant.

To qualify, the district, school, or specified sites within a district must meet at least two of the following requirements:

  • Sixty percent or higher poverty
  • Twenty-five percent or higher teacher turnover (have lost and hired an average of 25% or more teachers new to the school/district in the last three years)
  • Any middle school or high school
  • Underperforming or not meeting AYP for two years