Arizona Master Teacher Program

"A Master Teacher is an individual recognized for excellence in the classroom, including the ability to improve student achievement, the ability to mentor other teachers in achieving excellence in their classrooms, and the ability to communicate effectively with their community." - Master Teacher Program Framework, adopted by the Arizona State Board of Education and sent to Governor Napolitano, Spring, 2005

The Arizona K12 Center is home to Arizona’s Master Teacher Program. The mission and purpose of the Arizona Master Teacher Program is to build capacity for teacher leadership, while providing support to teachers along the continuum of practice.

The program is designed to:

  • Foster a spirit of accomplishment amongst Arizona's teachers.
  • Recognize the contribution of excellent teaching in our communities and elevate the status of the profession.
  • Designate or place a Master Teacher in schools throughout Arizona, beginning with those in greatest need.

Arizona's Master Teacher Program places experienced, accomplished teachers into non-evaluative leadership roles in schools as mentors or coaches for their peers. Participating districts must ensure that teachers are identified through an application and evaluation determined by the Arizona K12 Center in order to be designated as a Master Teacher.

Once this professional designation is assigned, districts may select from these identified Master Teachers to provide service to the profession through positions such as mentors or coaches in qualifying schools within the district. These mentors or coaches attend training through the Arizona K12 Center in partnership with New Teacher Center to equip them with tools and resources needed to assist their peers to become exceptional teachers.

Any teacher in Arizona that meets the application requirements may apply to become a Master Teacher. Individual districts will select their own mentors or coaches from the pool of identified Master Teachers. The Arizona K12 Center offers a competitive program application process for school districts that wish to begin a mentoring or coaching program, or supplement and build sustainability of an existing program. For more information, please see the District Application Information on our website.

For more information check out Arizona's Master Teacher Program Overview, Arizona’s Master Teacher Roles and Training Schedule.