Active Learning: Entry Level

K-4 Lesson


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Grade Level: 3

Classroom Configuration

Whole group instruction, using a projector and teacher computer

Arizona State Content Standards


  • Strand 6: Earth and Space Science
    • Concept 1: Properties of Earth Materials
      • PO 2: Describe different types of rocks and how they are formed metamorphic, igneous, sedimentary

Arizona Common Core Standards: ELA

Research to Build and Present Knowledge


Recall information from experiences or gather information from print and digital sources; take brief notes on sources and sort evidence into provided categories.

Arizona Educational Technology Standards (2009)

  • Strand 3: Research and Information Literacy
    • Concept 2: Processing
      • PO 4: Organize information into major topics and create a list of ideas


  • Students will organize information about rocks from a digital source into major topics using a graphic organizer



  • Using their whiteboards with the graphic organizer, students take notes on the various types of rocks.
  • Students note simple citation information for video segment on rocks. After video, students use “pairs check” to compare notes in pairs, verifying completeness of information. Teacher/students conduct discussion about each type of rock and the formation of each, comparing and contrasting each.


  • Individual whiteboards for graphic organizer, markers
  • Projector/Speaker setup
  • Internet connection
  • Teacher computer
  • Graphic organizer web tool, such as (, Popplet (

or Exploratree ( or software application such as Kidspiration.



  • Teacher observes through discussion.
  • Teacher assesses the graphic organizer for completeness.
  • Students use Venn diagram to compare/contrast two of the types of rocks.

Alternative Assessment

  • Teacher can download the Blackline Masters from the Discovery Education Video Series linked above, and use the pre/post test as well as other materials.

Technology Integration Matrix





Goal Directed