Professional Learning Plan

The Arizona K12 Center Professional Learning Plan challenges systems to depart from traditional goal-setting practices and consider new ways of aligning professional learning to the needs of educators, students, and communities. The Professional Learning Plan outlines an inquiry process for learning communities that encourages and supports educators as they engage in and reflect on the impact of their learning, evidenced by improved student learning.

How is the Arizona K12 Center Professional Learning Plan unique?

The Arizona K12 Center Professional Learning Plan provides a meaningful journey of personal and professional self-discovery for every educator in all contexts—rural, urban, suburban. Teachers serving students, instructional coaches serving teachers, and mentors serving our newest educators are awarded the opportunity to take charge of their own development.

When educators engage in the planning of their own professional learning, the act of professional goal-setting is not approached as answers or problems to be solved, but rather questions to be asked and challenges to be explored. Educators collectively inquire about school-wide problems of practice and seek solutions through thoughtful selection of professional learning, data analysis, and reflection.

What is the Arizona K12 Center Professional Learning Plan?

The Professional Learning Plan involves a three-pronged approach that combines high-quality and worthwhile goal-setting, rigorous standards for students and educators, and professional learning opportunities. Through a cycle of professional inquiry, collegial interactions and protocols, and a meaningful development of professional learning goals, data collection and analysis, and ongoing reflection, educators will explore answers to these questions:

  • Based on what my students need, what do I need to know and be able to do to support their learning progress?
  • What can I do to help my students learn best?
  • What can we, as colleagues committed to our students, do together?

The Professional Learning Plan can transform your learning communities through the power of professional inquiry.

What are the benefits to schools and districts that implement the Arizona K12 Center Professional Learning Plan?

  • Strengthen Professional Learning Communities and Promote Collegiality
    • Ensure a shared vision and commitment to professional learning based on data, reflection, and continuous improvement
  • Shine a Spotlight on Data to Inform Teaching and Learning
    • Measure the effectiveness of professional learning on both teacher growth and student learning
  • Fully Integrate Existing Programs and Initiatives
    • Align with professional teaching standards and teacher evaluation processes

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