What’s All the Hype about Cognitive Coaching?
Dec 7, 2023

What’s All the Hype about Cognitive Coaching?


Episode Notes

Explore the world of Cognitive Coaching — a transformative approach unlocking minds and elevating problem-solving skills — in this episode of 3Ps in a Pod with educators and facilitators Taryl Hansen, NBCT, and Mary Bouley.

Taryl and Mary talk about the history of Cognitive Coaching and give an overview of this approach to coaching that mediates thinking and prioritizes teacher autonomy. They make it clear that Cognitive Coaching is one of multiple coaching tools to be used in particular situations but not all. The pair also address misconceptions or assumptions some people have about Cognitive Coaching. Some of those misconceptions include the ideas that educators don’t actually have time to coach in this way or that Cognitive Coaching is only suited for more advanced educators.

Together with 3Ps host Kathleen, who has also completed both Cognitive Coaching Foundations and the Advanced Seminar, they reflect on their own experiences with this coaching style.


Find upcoming Cognitive Coaching events at azk12.org/events. Register early, as these events consistently fill up.


Learn more about the Arizona K12 Center at azk12.org.

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