S9 Episode 9: The Role of Struggle with John SanGiovanni
Mar 11, 2021

S9 Episode 9: The Role of Struggle with John SanGiovanni


Episode Notes

Today, 3Ps in a Pod hosts Donnie and Kathleen welcome math specialist John SanGiovanni to the podcast. While their conversation centers on math instruction, many of the strategies they discuss apply to all teachers.

SanGiovanni is a mathematics supervisor in Howard County, Maryland, and the author of several books including Productive Math Struggle and Mine the Gap for Mathematical Understanding. In this episode, he talks about the importance of planning for instruction and getting to know your students and their conceptions of math. He also reflects with Donnie and Kathleen about the role of struggle in education, differentiating between productive struggle and when struggle becomes destructive.

You can hear more from SanGiovanni at two upcoming Arizona K12 Center learning events. Day four of our GEAR UP Math Institute will be led by SanGiovanni and is open to all Arizona educators, even if you did not attend earlier sessions in the series. Learn more about that event and register at this link. Our GEAR UP: Summer Math Institute will be a three-day online experience featuring educators and authors Joseph Assof, Olivia Amador, and SanGiovanni. Learn more and register for that event at this link.

Learn more about the Arizona K12 Center at azk12.org.

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