S8 Episode 18: Hearts Full of Gratitude for Arizona Teachers
Dec 17, 2020

S8 Episode 18: Hearts Full of Gratitude for Arizona Teachers


Episode Notes

No one predicted just how challenging this year would be, especially for teachers. In this holiday season and as we prepare for the close of 2020, we wanted to reflect on our gratitude for you and all Arizona educators.

In this episode, all five 3Ps in a Pod hosts share about the meaningful moments of gratitude they felt as teachers from students and families. Then, a variety of educators and leaders from Arizona and across the country express their gratitude for you!

You’ll recognize many of these voices from earlier podcast episodes or from Arizona K12 Center events. This week’s episode includes messages of gratitude from tech expert and teacher Tony Vincent, educator and facilitator Kass Minor, author and inquiry practitioner Trevor MacKenzie, Arizona Education Association Vice President Marisol Garcia, Arizona Superintendent of Public Instruction Kathy Hoffman, speaker and public education advocate Kim Covington, 2021 Arizona Teacher of the Year Sara Wyffels, University of Arizona Dean of the College of Education Bruce Johnson, Northern Arizona University Dean of the College of Education Ramona Mellott, author and educator Andy Hargreaves, former Google Education Evangelist Jamie Casap, and Arizona K12 Center Executive Director Kathy Wiebke.

We hope you feel the love and appreciation in this episode and in this season. We’ll see you in 2021 for the ninth season of 3Ps in a Pod!

Learn more about the Arizona K12 Center at azk12.org

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