S7 Episode 10: Celebrating Aspiring Teachers
Mar 19, 2020

S7 Episode 10: Celebrating Aspiring Teachers


Episode Notes

We’re celebrating Arizona’s aspiring teachers this week on 3Ps in a Pod! Hosts Danielle and Angelia talk with Brianna Winiesdorffer and Katee Hurst, two future teachers and current leaders in Northern Arizona University’s chapter of Educators Rising. 

Brianna and Katee share how they came to pursue careers in education and what their pre-service experiences have been like so far. They also talk about how they revitalized their university’s club for future teachers and the support it offers. Hosts Danielle and Angelia also reflect on some of their pre-service memories.

By the way, as she promised Brianna did follow up with us about the story she shared in this episode, and she is sporting a new pair of bright purple Chucks these days.

Learn more about Northern Arizona University’s Educators Rising chapter through its Instagram page or Facebook group. Learn more about Educators Rising Arizona on its website edrisingaz.org, and find a list of active Educators Rising chapters in Arizona high schools and higher education institutions at edrisingaz.org/our-current-chapters.

Learn more about the Arizona K12 Center at azk12.org.

Arizona K12 Center


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