S4 Episode 9: Visible Learning in Science
Oct 11, 2018

S4 Episode 9: Visible Learning in Science


Episode Notes

The scientific process can be daunting. How do you balance fun and content-based instruction? As 21st-century educators, we have to find a way to marry the two. This week on #3PsinaPod, Dr. John Almarode shares practical strategies and best practices for visible learning in the area of science. The author and distinguished teacher-researcher recommends modeling productive behavior for our students by deliberately weaving newly acquired knowledge into our daily lives. With that in mind, what instructional decisions around visible learning would you make? Think about the conditions that enable your students to learn best. Look at your learners and determine what engages them. And, be sure to listen if you want to find out what Almarode and his colleagues means by the “Kenny Rogers strategy.”

Arizona K12 Center


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