S4 Episode 6: Experienced Teachers’ Passion
Sep 20, 2018

S4 Episode 6: Experienced Teachers’ Passion


Episode Notes

If you’re in need of a professional pep talk, we’ve got a dose for you. This week, Donnie and Angelia talk to three experienced teachers to hear what fuels their passion and practice. Beth Maloney, Sara Wyffels, and Anthony Perez discuss their paths toward education and the importance of having an enduring, positive professional disposition. The trio tells us how to boost peer and personal morale, even on the worst (and best) days. When challenges occur, together, we have to address negativity, rather than ignore it. As teachers, we need to get past the place of stuckness and press on with positivity. Vulnerability and collaboration help create a safe space for collegial relationships. Attitude can spark like wildfire, so don’t be ashamed to show your uncontainable enthusiasm for teaching. Join the conversation on Twitter by using the hashtag #3PsinaPod for a chance to win the book that inspired this talk, HEART!: Fully Forming Your Professional Life as a Teacher and Leader, by Timothy Kanold. The first three listeners to engage will receive a copy for free!

Arizona K12 Center


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