S4 Episode 14: 2019 Arizona Teacher of the Year
Nov 15, 2018

S4 Episode 14: 2019 Arizona Teacher of the Year


Episode Notes

Ladies and gentlemen, it’s our privilege to reintroduce to you the 2019 Arizona Teacher of the Year, Kareem Neal. The self-contained special education teacher from Maryvale High School in the Phoenix Union High School District is no stranger to #3PsinaPod; check out S4 Episode 8: Supporting Students with Special Needs Across Environments for a refresher. Today, Neal tells Danielle and Angelia about his journey as a teacher leader. Since receiving the title, the New Jersey native has been swarmed with public speaking and social media requests, but one thing is for certain — he’s not going to let the hype and busyness keep him from using the platform to spotlight his niche group of students and peers in the profession. Listen to learn more about his story and you’ll discover he’s in his 22nd year of teaching. Be sure to watch the Arizona Educational Foundation video to get an insider’s peek into his classroom.

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