S4 Episode 12: Math Changes Things
Nov 1, 2018

S4 Episode 12: Math Changes Things


Episode Notes

Math changes things! Today, Dr. Virginia Bastable, the former associate director of the Mathematics Leadership Programs at Mount Holyoke College, joins Donnie and Mary to discuss the importance of cultivating student curiosity. The #3PsinaPod hosts recall math challenges with their own students, which are further affirmed by Dr. Bastable’s point that when we ask kids to explain how they arrived at an answer, they think we want only words. The reality is that students need to be able to manipulate numbers, operations, and variables to better grasp concepts. Join us Jan. 23-24 for a two-day learning opportunity with Dr. Bastable. If you would like to enter to win a complimentary registration, please answer this question: How could the Math Arguments in the Elementary Classroom training benefit your practice and your students? Post your response on Twitter with this hashtag, #azk12learns.

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