S3 Episode 3: Making Math Playful
Apr 4, 2018

S3 Episode 3: Making Math Playful


Episode Notes

Playful and dirty probably aren’t adjectives that come to mind when you say math out loud. However, today’s “3Ps in a Pod” guest, John San Giovanni, says we need to freshen up the way students approach the subject. Regardless of who you are and where you go, math principles don’t change, but the understanding, access, and application will. Fortunately, there are multiple ways to solve problems and even more ways to teach math. Listen, as Donnie and Danielle chat with the math guru about how we can respond to the actions of our learners in the moment to adjust our methods. Let’s rethink how we assess and analyze, making math both formal and informal. Spoiler alert: Playing and getting dirty during math tasks can make individuals more inclined to the subject than ever before.

Arizona K12 Center


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