S2 Episode 5: No Such Thing as a Math Gene
Feb 8, 2018

S2 Episode 5: No Such Thing as a Math Gene


Episode Notes

Have you ever encountered a person with an aversion toward mathematics? Get ready to rewrite your math autobiography with the Director of Teaching and Learning from the Buckeye Elementary School District and past Chief Learning Officer for the Rodel Charitable Foundation of Arizona. Dr. Kim Rimbey will help you realize it’s time we twist the negative narrative because the subject isn’t going anywhere. As educators, we must relearn math and redefine what it means in our classrooms. Donnie and Danielle discuss the importance of thinking and learning, rather than just chalking out procedures. Listen along as the three National Board Certified Teachers make the case for math. Join us next week as we learn from the Founder and Chief Executive Officer of New Teacher Center, Ellen Moir.

Arizona K12 Center


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