S2 Episode 2: To Learn is to Struggle
Jan 18, 2018

S2 Episode 2: To Learn is to Struggle


Episode Notes

Although you’re only a few weeks into the semester, you might feel like you’ve been at it again for months. Stop going through the motions and rekindle your purpose in the classroom with focus and intentionality. Today’s “3Ps in a Pod” guest wears many hats, simultaneously. Not only is Sarah Brown Wessling an educator, but also a parent, the 2010 National Teacher of the Year, a National Board Certified Teacher, an advocate for education, a constant learner, an expert questioner, a speaker, and so much more. The Iowa educator talks with Angelia and Donnie about how she came to be a teacher, the mindset that drives her daily work, and the elements that have advanced her career in the field. We’re sure you’ll feel ready to handle any challenging situation or student after listening to her story.

Arizona K12 Center


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