S10 Episode 4: Supporting Latinx Students, Families, and Teachers
Sep 2, 2021

S10 Episode 4: Supporting Latinx Students, Families, and Teachers


Episode Notes

Longtime-education advocate Stephanie Parra joins 3Ps in a Pod hosts Danielle and Angelia to discuss the necessity of supporting Latinx students across Arizona. 

Parra is the Executive Director of All In Education, an education organization committed to equity for low-income families and communities of color in Arizona.

Parra reviews the education landscape for Latinx students in Arizona, especially addressing the discrepancies in representation of Latinx education leaders. She points out that while the Latinx community makes up 46% of preK-12 student population, only 16% of the teaching workforce and less than 13% of school board leaders are Latinx.

Parra shares how All In Education works to address these inequities and its emphasis on connecting with families and caretakers as well as education leaders and students. She also outlines how the COVID-19 pandemic have especially impacted Latinx communities and what education leaders can do to help support Latinx students moving forward.

One of All In Education’s programs is its Parent Education Academy, a free training course that helps participants better support their children in navigating the classroom environment. Learn more about this program and find the application to apply for the Parent Education Academy at allineducation.org/pea.

Learn more about the Arizona K12 Center at azk12.org

Arizona K12 Center


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