S8 Episode 15: PD in 30: Creating Inviting Slides
Nov 19, 2020

S8 Episode 15: PD in 30: Creating Inviting Slides


Episode Notes

Hang out with tech experts Tony Vincent and Paul West in this PD in 30 segment of 3Ps in a Pod. PD in 30 is exactly what it sounds like: a professional development session in 30 minutes or less. This segment is most beneficial if you’re able to listen with a pencil and paper in hand and can easily hit the pause and play buttons on your listening device. Feel free to listen with a group of other teachers or by yourself.

In this episode, Tony Vincent of Learning in Hand and Paul West of Pdubya Tech and Tempe Elementary School District share best practices for engaging slideshow presentations and a load of resources for creating your own attractive slides. How do you find the balance of sharing information without being overwhelming? How do I make attractive slides if I’m not a “design person”? Tony and Paul have the answers.

Here are resources mentioned in this episode:

Learn more about the Arizona K12 Center at azk12.org.

Arizona K12 Center


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