S1 Episode 7: Power of Educator Self-Care
Dec 20, 2017

S1 Episode 7: Power of Educator Self-Care


Episode Notes

Thanks for joining us for the season finale of “3Ps in a Pod.” While we’re guessing you’re in need of rest and relaxation during winter break, we’re positive your heart, mind, and soul will feel refreshed after listening to today’s guest. Marian Mellen is a former teacher and founder of the Zen Bird, a company whose goal is to help individuals find deep connections through intentional practices. Today, Donnie and Danielle hear all about Mellen’s philosophy, which sounds wildly beneficial for teachers. Together, let’s pledge to break the mold of what we “should be.” Instead, let’s listen to our educator-turned-entrepreneur peer who encourages professionals to be their best, authentic selves, which will help us best serve the students in our classroom. Thanks for listening and learning with us this season. We look forward to introducing you to more exceptional and insightful guests in the new year. 

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