S1 Episode 5: Holidays in the Classroom
Dec 13, 2017

S1 Episode 5: Holidays in the Classroom


Episode Notes

Holidays in the classroom can look and feel different for everyone. What might be a jolly season for some, may leave others feeling confused, excluded, and undervalued. Listen, as we discuss the importance of inclusive and thoughtful classroom planning. Donnie and Mary hear personal stories from two teachers in the Creighton School District, Marie Twist and Kendall Gooden. Together, they prompt others to get to know students’ holiday traditions, not only for the celebratory purpose, but also for the learning opportunity. Oh, and they encourage teachers to ditch the stress and do the festive projects — especially if they involve glitter. Tune in next week for two new episodes. As we round out season one, don’t forget to subscribe, rate, and review us on iTunes!

Arizona K12 Center


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