Poetry and Play with Janet Wong
Oct 5, 2023

Poetry and Play with Janet Wong


Episode Notes

Janet Wong left a law career and dove into writing poetry and helping others see the power of poetry. In this episode of 3Ps in a Pod, Janet talks with hosts Josh and Juliana about her approach to poetry and shares a variety of ways you can use poetry in your classroom.

Janet shares how poems can be used as a way to get to know your students, as a brain break, as a way to teach revision, and to practice being creative. She reads several poems in this episode, including from this past summer’s Beginning Teachers Institute, where she was a keynote speaker and had participants write multiple poems.

Janet Wong is the 2021 winner of the NCTE Excellence in Poetry for Children award, a lifetime achievement award that is one of the highest honors a children’s poet can receive. Wong is the author of more than 40 books for children and teens on a wide variety of subjects, including writing and revision (You Have to Write), diversity and community (Apple Pie 4th of July), peer pressure (Me and Rolly Maloo), chess (Alex and the Wednesday Chess Club), and yoga (Twist: Yoga Poems). She also serves on the Yale Law School Executive Committee.

You can find Janet on X, previously Twitter, at @janetwongauthor and through her websites, janet-wong.com and pomelobooks.com.

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