Leading with Inquiry Part 4: Questions
Apr 6, 2023

Leading with Inquiry Part 4: Questions


Episode Notes

In this final episode of our series on Leading with Inquiry, Jessica Vance and host Paula Watkins continue their learning and discussions from past episodes, this time focused on the power of using questions in learning. 

Jessica and Paula discuss the need to be flexible when prioritizing questions in learning and how to stay in that flexible mindset. They dive into how to get comfortable responding to learners with questions, the importance of tone and understanding in questioning, and how to be intentional in both using questions and setting up structures for learners’ questions. They relate their conversation to both the classroom and working with adult learners, continuing the coaching conversation from last episode to do with Paula’s work with the Arizona TeacherSolutions® Team.

Early on in the episode, Jessica recommends Warren Berger’s books for sparking inspiration around questions. Learn more about his books and work at warrenberger.com.

Learn more about the Arizona K12 Center at azk12.org.

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