Leading with Inquiry Part 3: A Coaching Conversation
Mar 30, 2023

Leading with Inquiry Part 3: A Coaching Conversation


Episode Notes

We’re taking the learning we’ve done with Jessica Vance in the last two episodes on Leading with Inquiry in a new direction. In this and our next episode, you’ll hear a vulnerable coaching conversation between Jessica and 3Ps in a Pod host and teacher leadership program director Paula Watkins. Jessica and Paula take what they’ve talked about in the first two episodes of this series and apply it to Paula’s work, as an example of how others can use a lens of inquiry in their coaching and leading.

Paula’s work includes facilitating the Arizona TeacherSolutions Team. She begins her coaching session with Jessica by sharing about how she approaches her meetings and facilitation with the Arizona TeacherSolutions Team. Jessica shares ideas with Paula about how to combine her goals for an upcoming meeting with the desire to create an inquiry-driven space.

While Paula’s work is primarily with adult learners, Jessica shares examples of what adding agency and inquiry can look like in Paula’s work with teacher leaders and in a classroom with students.

Throughout the episode, Jessica references this swimming pool sketchnote from Trevor MacKenzie’s work, available at trevormackenzie.com.

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Learn more about the Arizona K12 Center at azk12.org.

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