Leading with Inquiry Part 2: Provocations
Mar 23, 2023

Leading with Inquiry Part 2: Provocations


Episode Notes

We’re continuing our series with Jessica Vance on leading with inquiry, this time focused on provocations.

In the last episode of 3Ps in a Pod, Jessica set the stage for what inquiry in leadership is. Today, Jessica and host Paula Watkins dive into a discussion about provocations, what they are, how to use them, and why they’re important.

Jessica and Paula also touch on some of the misconceptions about provocations. They discuss how provocations are not the same as anticipatory sets, how teachers are not the only ones to introduce provocations, and the idea that using provocations takes too much time.

Jessica gives several examples of provocations and ideas on how to find your own. She also shares a variety of examples of how to integrate provocations into the classroom as well as in situations with other adults.

In our next episode, Jessica and Paula take what they’ve talked about in the first two episodes of this series and apply it to Paula’s work, as an example of how others can use a lens of inquiry in their coaching and leading.

Here are ways to continue to connect to Jessica:

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