Arizona’s Educational Progress with Education Forward Arizona
Mar 2, 2023

Arizona’s Educational Progress with Education Forward Arizona


Episode Notes

3Ps in a Pod is back, and we’re kicking off our 13th season by exploring the Arizona Education Progress Meter. Connected with that progress meter is the Achieve 60 AZ Action Plan, which sets the goal of having 60 percent educational attainment in Arizona by 2030. That means 60% of the state’s population of working adults will have a certificate, license, or degree. 

Host Paula Watkins welcomes Rich Nickel, president of Education Forward Arizona, and Donna Davis, CEO of Education Forward Arizona. Nickel and Davis share how multiple Arizona stakeholders came together to create the Progress Meter and Action Plan. The Progress Meter includes eight indicators to assess the state of Arizona education:

  • Quality early learning
  • Third grade reading
  • Eighth grade math
  • High school graduation
  • Opportunity youth
  • Post-high school enrollment
  • Attainment
  • Teacher pay

Nickel and Davis share about where Arizona stands on several of these metrics and the progress made recently, especially since the start of the COVID-19 pandemic, and how the eight different metrics interlock. They then dive into the recently released data on Arizona’s journey toward the Achieve 60 AZ Action Plan goal and continued steps toward that goal. They also discuss the importance of support and advocacy from groups outside of education to work toward improving education.

Here are links to resources and references made in today’s episode:

Paula also mentions this summer’s 18th Annual Teacher Leadership Institute. You can learn more and register to attend at

Learn more about the Arizona K12 Center at

Arizona K12 Center


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