S5 Episode 9: Diving Into Inquiry with Trevor Mackenzie
Mar 28, 2019

S5 Episode 9: Diving Into Inquiry with Trevor Mackenzie


Episode Notes

This week we have the opportunity to hear from a 2019 Camp Plug and Play 14.0 keynote speaker, Trevor Mackenzie. In this week’s podcast, we explore ways to build a classroom practice that not only embraces curiosity, but also scaffolds learning through inquiry so that we can help alleviate the anxiety our learners might feel in a more open-ended environment. As you listen this week, we hope you gain some inside tips from Trevor on how to create space to mold our curriculum into work that builds upon students interests. To learn more about Trevor Mackenzie’s book Inquiry Mindset, visit https://www.trevormackenzie.com/inquiry-mindset. We also hope to see you at Camp Plug and Play 14.0 June 10-14, 2019 where you will have a chance to learn more from Trevor and other amazing educators. You can learn more about this event by visiting http://azk12.org/event/30957/details. Don’t miss this week’s supplemental resource, which you can download to use within your educational community.

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