National Board New and Continuing Candidate Kickoff

National Board New and Continuing Candidate Kickoff

Jumpstart your National Board Certification work at the National Board New and Continuing Candidate Kickoff.

This event provides direction and motivation for National Board candidates. You’ll engage in conversations about the components of the National Board Certification process and be inspired to plan the next steps of your journey. 

At Kickoff, you’ll meet and process new learning with other teachers from around the state who are also working on Board certification. You will be able to meet many of our Candidate Support Providers and facilitators from around the state. Optional breakout sessions geared toward a variety of topics related to each component will further support your understanding of the process and work on each component.

Participants will:

  • Learn about the 2023­–2024 Arizona K12 Center candidate support events.
  • Understand how to show explicit evidence of the National Board source documents in their components.
  • Know what candidates are expected to do in each component. 


New candidates who are receiving funding for the 2024-2025 cycle are required to attend a New and Continuing Candidate Kickoff.

Additional Information

Participants will receive digital versions of materials for this event and their selected breakout sessions.

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