Leading for Equity with the National Equity Project

Leading for Equity with the National Equity Project

The National Equity Project’s Leading for Equity™ event will be offered at the Arizona K12 Center this fall. Leading for Equity is designed for teams and individuals working on equity or “achievement gap” initiatives to develop their capacity to foster positive change on behalf of historically under-served students and families.

Leading for Equity is an experiential institute providing ample opportunities for sharing, reflection, and planning to inform your current work. Participants will deepen their commitment, relationships, and efficacy while developing strategies toward equity goals. Expert guidance and care will be provided by thoughtful facilitators as participants work to address personal and technical challenges they face in their educational equity efforts.

Course Format
This course will be delivered over two days through interactive learning sessions conducted virtually. Participants will attend live sessions with facilitators and fellow participants to learn and practice new skills. Participants will be mailed a hard copy of the resource guide. National Equity Project facilitators are intensely focused on humanizing virtual spaces during learning by focusing on interactivity and connection. The sessions designed for full participant engagement through video and audio. Facilitators will build in frequent screen and body breaks, attend to learning, practice, and healing in community with all participants.

Who Should Attend
Anyone interested in deepening their knowledge, commitment and agency to lead efforts to disrupt and transform racism and inequity at the individual, institutional, and systemic and societal levels. Participants could include teachers, support staff, administrators, community members, and community organization representatives.

Participants learn and examine:

  • The effects of racism and other bias on education policies and practices
  • Individual and organizational dynamics that impede the success of change efforts
  • How to improve collaborative relationships and build teams and alliances in diverse settings
  • Concrete skills for leading change in challenging contexts toward your current equity goals
  • The importance of emotional intelligence and trust in leading equity efforts
  • Research, tools, and other resources for equity-focused leadership and team development

In addition to learning and collaborative practice, you will experience:

  • An invitation to connect to what matters to you
  • A place to practice using structures that can support conversations about identity, privilege, and oppression
  • Strengthened relationships and agency in service of taking action

Additional Information

All times listed are in MST/Phoenix, AZ time.

Please contact Marissa Delgado at mdelgado@azk12.org by October 25, 2021 if you require accommodations (such as closed captioning) for this virtual event.


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