Beginning Teacher Series: Rigor Redefined with Michael McDowell

Beginning Teacher Series: Rigor Redefined with Michael McDowell

Join other educators new to the profession for a day of learning.

The Beginning Teacher Series is specifically designed to support you in your first few years in the classroom with hands-on, easily applicable strategies.

In this session, Michael McDowell will explore the tenets of his book Rigor Redefined: Ten Teaching Habits for Surface, Deep, and Transfer Learning. Attendees will learn how to implement rigorous instruction in small and doable ways that drive student learning and create a lasting impact.

Participants will:
  • Understand the connections among surface learning, deep learning, and transfer learning with elementary and secondary examples.
  • Learn various routines for each of the ten habits: the four learner quality habits and the six learning process habits.
  • Distinguish between declarative, procedural, and contextual knowledge.


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Registration includes training, materials, and meals. All times are listed in MST/Phoenix, AZ time.

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