The Teacher Leadership Competencies

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The original publication, The Teacher Leadership Competencies, was designed to fulfill a purpose: to frame a vision for teacher leadership and express that vision in a set of competencies for these three vital pathways. These competencies represent an aspirational vision for teacher leadership that can be truly transformative.

The development process took two sets of standards for teacher leaders as its foundational documents: the NEA Leadership Competencies and the Teacher Leader Model Standards developed by the Teacher Leadership Exploratory Consortium.

This revised document, reflecting the rapidly changing demographics in our schools, situates the diversity, equity and cultural competence as foundational to the teacher leadership model. These foundational competencies are adapted from K. Nuri-Robins’ research and The Cultural Proficiency Journey: Moving Beyond Ethical Barriers Toward Profound School Change resource. (Franklin CampbellJones, Brenda CampbellJones, and Randall B. Lindsey. Thousand Oaks, CA: Corwin, 2010)

The teacher leadership competencies are meant to be a resource for identification, reflection, guidance, and inspiration for participants in the Teacher Leadership Institute at every stage of their leadership journey. The competencies provide the structure for the Institute, an entirely new leadership development program for teachers passionate about leading and transforming the profession.

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