Pre-Candidacy Classes

Pre-Candidacy classes provide an introduction to the National Board Standards and the process of National Board Certification. This course is for educators who are thinking about applying for National Board Certification, those who want to learn more about the National Board Certification process, or those who simply want to understand more about their teaching practice. This class is a prerequisite for teachers seeking funding assistance from the Arizona K12 Center.

These sessions will provide participants with a deeper understanding of the National Board Standards, the Five Core Propositions, and the NBPTS resources. By completing this class, participants receive 24 professional development hours. Through professional dialogue with colleagues and a personal analysis and reflection on work in the classroom, this professional development opportunity will prepare participants for taking on the rigorous, but rewarding process of pursuing National Board Certification.

The Arizona K12 Center offers this class in a hybrid format that includes online and face-to-face methods. In addition, this class is offered in school districts throughout the state by NBCTs trained by the Arizona K12 Center. Wherever you choose to take the class, the content of the class is the same. For an additional fee, if you have 15 or more teachers interested in having this class in your district or on your campus, please contact the Arizona K12 Center at to explore ways to create a site-based experience.