Real World Relevance through Lesson2Life

Lesson2Life (formerly known as PASS) is a professional development opportunity designed to bridge the gap between classroom and business through the integration of the Arizona State Academic Workplace Skills Standards.

The Lesson2Life program brings education and business together to better prepare students to be career and college ready with the skills necessary to be successful citizens in a rapidly changing world. It allows teachers to see firsthand the skills needed in today's workplace while educating businesses about the current reality of today's education system. The program takes place during the summer and over the course of three days, teachers participate in learning exchanges with area businesses to see firsthand how important the mastery of the Arizona State Academic Workplace Skills Standards is to success in business. After three days teachers will:
  • See firsthand the skills and capabilities valued by employers
  • Infuse workplace relevance into their teaching
  • Recognize the key competences to prepare students to be career and college ready
  • Educate businesses about classroom needs
  • Find partners in business who will enrich classroom and school activities
  • Collaborate with colleagues and share ideas

Lesson2Life is sponsored in large part by Arizona Public Service (APS). It is a collaborative effort between the Arizona K12 Center, APS, the local business community, and the Chambers of Commerce throughout Arizona.

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