Fueled for Success: Seminars for Aspiring Teachers

Fueled for Success: Seminars for Aspiring Teachers

We are here to support you as you step into your own classroom for the first time as a professional educator! The Fueled for Success series is a great opportunity for Northern Arizona University pre-service teachers. Each session is designed to support the transition from pre-service to practicing professional. Together, we will cover topics pertinent to the beginning of the school year and how to navigate your first-year teaching experience.

September 14, 2022: Electrify Any Lesson with Tony Vincent

Turn a potentially boring lesson into a brilliant one! Make learning irresistible by grabbing students' attention, connecting to background knowledge, making predictions, and building curiosity. Experience emoji messages, pixelated pictures, mystery messages, and other inviting ways to captivate learners.

Participants will build community while:

  • Focusing on applicable strategies
  • Discuss best practices for a classroom community

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